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Taxation and dealing with the IRD.

It’s never a happy day when you get that phone call, email or letter telling you the Inland Revenue believes you owe it money. At Crawford Nelson, we’re here to help you manage the consequences of that wake-up call.

We provide expert guidance on all areas of taxation, including income tax, GST, PAYE and business tax arrears. With international cooperation between tax jurisdictions these days, it’s also possible to find yourself responsible for tax you didn’t know you owed on foreign assets. Cryptocurrency holdings are also coming under the scrutiny of the tax authorities, and we have expertise in negotiating this emerging area of the law.

We don’t just tick boxes – we take the initiative. Whether it involves writing formal letters, responding to statutory demands or appearing in front of a judge, we will map out your legal options and advocate for your best interests. Our clients appreciate the way we take responsibility for their IRD communications and shield them from the stress involved.

Contrary to popular belief, there is significant discretion over the sums the IRD can seek in back tax and penalties. We will negotiate hard to obtain a result in your favour.

How we can help.

  • Tax opinions, including the bright-line test and taxing land and cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Assistance with IRD reviews, audits and disputes.
  • Assisting with collating and presenting information to Inland Revenue requested during risk reviews, audits, and basic compliance package requests.
  • Drafting and submitting technical responses and formal dispute documents to address Inland Revenue queries and challenges.
  • Assistance with a strategy to obtain the best outcomes during settlement discussions, and to minimise penalties.
  • Voluntary disclosures.
  • IRD settlement negotiations.
  • Company liquidations.
  • Personal bankruptcy.
  • Statutory demands.
  • IRD Prosecutions.