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Working for you.

We’re experts in the letter of the law – especially tax law – but that doesn’t mean we take a clinical and impersonal approach. Far from it.

At Crawford Nelson, we believe that humans are at the heart of the law. You may feel ‘the system’ has all the power but we will use our expertise to seek a fair and reasonable outcome. With sound legal arguments and our knowledge of how the IRD operates, it’s possible to achieve a better result than you might think possible.

Crawford Nelson understands that the certainty of legal costs is important to our clients so we seek to provide a ‘no surprises’ policy in relation to fees.

Our services are available nationwide.

Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson was admitted to the bar in 2008. As a lawyer she specialises in representing businesses, trusts, partnerships and individual taxpayers who have found themselves in the awkward position of disputing unpaid tax and penalties with the Inland Revenue Department.

Mary works with a team of trusted experts including accountants and other advisors in the tax arena. Her approach is to take over all communications and negotiations with the IRD, to remove stress from her clients while representing their best interests.

Anti-Money Laundering laws are another area where individuals and businesses can inadvertently find themselves in legal jeopardy. Mary and her team are experts in assessing, auditing and ensuring compliance with AML/CFT regulations.

Mary is available to talk at any time with clients who need her expertise and calm professional guidance.