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Tax Lawyer: Specialist in IRD audits, litigation, tax negotiations, settlements, and legal opinions.

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We are Tax Lawyers that
look after your best
interests when dealing with the IRD.

Tax compliance can be complicated, and Inland Revenue has far-reaching powers. Receiving an official letter or being summoned to a meeting can be nerve-wracking for anyone.

Our experience in working with the IRD and representing clients can make a huge difference to the outcome. Get an expert tax negotiator on your side – and sleep easier.

The legal expertise you need.

  • IRD Voluntary disclosures.
  • Tax disputes.
  • Tax opinions.
  • Litigation.
  • Brightline test.
  • IRD negotiations and settlements.
  • Inland Revenue investigations.
  • Tax audits.
  • IRD tax penalties.
  • Tax residency
  • IRD criminal prosecutions

Why us?


When large sums are at stake you need real expertise. At Crawford Nelson Tax Lawyers Auckland, we have a deep understanding of New Zealand tax legislation as well as Inland Revenue guidelines and procedures.


We look to obtain the best possible result for our clients in every case. Whether we’re preparing documents, representing you in meetings or appearing before a judge, we will provide clear advice and forthright advocacy.


Working in a senior role in the IRD provided Mary Nelson with priceless insights into the New Zealand tax system. Setting up Crawford Nelson meant she could bring her expertise to clients on the other side of the fence.


We handle everything on your behalf, acting with confidentiality and professionalism. Phone calls and correspondence from the IRD will be directed to us, not you.

Our Services

Anti-Money Laundering

Risk assessments, compliance programmes and audits for businesses that are ‘reporting entities’ under AML/CFT law
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We have successfully resolved taxation disputes worth millions of dollars.
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We’ll put together a strong case and represent you confidently if your tax dispute reaches the courtroom.
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Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson was admitted to the bar in 2008. As a tax lawyer she specialises in representing businesses, trusts, partnerships and individual taxpayers who have found themselves in the awkward position of disputing unpaid tax and penalties with the Inland Revenue Department.

Mary works with a team of trusted tax agent experts including accountants and other advisors in the tax arena. Her approach is to take over all communications and negotiations with the IRD, to remove stress from her clients while representing their best interests.

Anti-Money Laundering laws are another area where individuals and businesses can inadvertently find themselves in legal jeopardy. Mary and her team are experts in assessing, auditing and ensuring compliance with AML/CFT regulations.

With offices in Auckland, Mary is available to talk at any time with clients who need her expertise and calm professional guidance. Talk to your tax agent today.

Our Results

IRD writes off $300,000 of unpaid tax and penalties.

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Unpaid tax on Australian dividends led to $4,000,000 tax demand.

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Four-year audit resolved in months, with a substantial write-off.

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Voluntary disclosure saves contractor from interest and penalties.

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